Program and Special Features

Small Class Size. SPED One-on-One – the child works on the connection between his/her brain & body to bring integration of three dimensions of the brain for improve performance in various learning situation. Brain Organizational Profile – profiling of child


Integrated Movement Academy, Inc. is Committed to Provide Stress Free Learning. We give our students a tool that enhances Brain Function through movements (Educational Kinesiology). We also provide them with the Individualized/ Personalized Educational program to accommodate the Learning Style


The Integrated Movement Academy, Inc. envision students as God Centered, Competent and Developmentally prepared in all aspects of life. Moreover, they possess the values of Love for God, Nation, Fellowmen and Nature. We, at IMAI , help children reach out

What is Brain Gym?

What is Brain Gym?

Brain Gym® movements, exercises, or activities refer to the original 26 Brain Gym movements, sometimes abbreviated as the 26. These activities recall the movements naturally done during the first years of life when learning to coordinate the eyes, ears, hands,

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Courses Offered

Pre-Elementary Course (Toddler, Nursery, Kinder and Preparatory Elementary Special Education (SPED) for Special Children (click image on right to view)