Group SPED – Composed of special children who can perform in a group of 6-8 students with special needs. Programs arc individualized (IEP) based on the assessment of Doctor. School Administrator and SPED teacher.

SPED One-on-One (Special Children) – Is a one on one program that combines therapy approach and Brain Gym. This course is to be handled by the Therapist, Psychologist and/or SPED teacher.

Special Inclusion Program – The special child is placed on regular class based on age and ability. There is no pull out and shadow teacher. He/She follows the curriculum of the regular class with accommodation and ancillary/auxiliary service.

Mainstreaming – placement of special child in class after meeting specific admission requirements so that interaction with other children is provided may include shadow teacher, pull out for one on one instruction and may involve ancillary/auxillary service.

Pre-vocational Program – A program that refine the student’s motor skills. It also trains students to group and sort, fold, cut, fasten, and or staple. Moreover, this program develops an individual’s manual dexterity and coordination. At the same time, Pre-Vocational instruction should also be a preparation for future work. This means a student must have appropriate work attitudes.

Facts About Brain-Gym®

  • A registered trademark of sensory-motor program of Educational Kinesiology.
  • Origin – from Ventura, California, USA
  • Composed of 26 simple movements that directly enhances brain function.
  • Beneficial for special children, regular students and adults.